Vertical pressing equipment rental

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Vertical pressing equipment rental

The vertical press device are equipment allowing to compact the material, they may be employed for the collection of paper, cardboard, plastic or other bulky materials.

Trevisan S.p.A supplies different sizes of vertical pressing equipment, depending on the customer’s requirement, and offers a direct customer service.

Technical features (10 tons)*

External lenght (mm) 1650
External width (mm) 800
External height (mm) 3000
Internal volume (mc) 9,8
Usable depth (mm) 700
Effective height (mm) 1400
Loading surface (mm) 470×1000
Bale maximum dimensions (mm) 700x1000x800
Operating voltage (V) 380
Electric engine power (Kw) 7.5

(*) Sizes may be different depending on the pressing device

Plastic film

Plastic boxes

Cardboard boxes

Wooden boxes


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