Metal mesh containers rental

The metal mesh containers are particularly fit for the printing and paper industry

Container rental

The containers are used for the collection of significant amounts of waste

Twin Pack press container rental

Exclusively available at Trevisan S.p.A. the “Twin-Pack” container allows to handle two different types of waste with a single pressing machine

Vertical pressing equipment rental

The vertical press devices are equipment allowing to compact the material

Press-containers rental

The press-containers are suitable for large scale retail and for the industrial activities. They are hook-lifts containers provided with an automatic pressing device

Stationary pressing equipment rental

The stationary pressing equipments, usually built according to the customer’s requirements, may be employed in various activities, in which a significant amount of waste is produced

Collection services

Trevisan S.p.A. is able to carry out the residential collection for any kind of company or plant

Mobile compacting service

It is a new innovative service for those, who have to manage a significant quantity of waste needing a volumetric reduction

Global customized service

We offer a customized and tailored fit service on a national scale

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