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TWIN PACK press container rental

Now available at Trevisan S.p.A. the new “Twin Pack” press-container.

This container enables the user to handle two different types of waste with a single pressing machine. This new equipment is suitable for any type of activity producing more than a single type of waste, even in different amounts.

The main benefits are:

  • the customer may segregate more material, lowering, thus, the treatment costs and consequently allowing the recycler to recognize a higher value to the sorted material;
  • a remarkable saving in terms of transport costs;
  • less space may be employed to place the equipment (it is possible to handle two types of waste in the area occupied by a single container);
  • limiting in time the activity of the operator who disposes of the waste;
  • no variation in energetic consumption compared to the ordinary Press-Container.

Technical features

TWIN PACK press container

External lenght (mm) 7200
External width (mm) 2550
External height (mm) 2550
Internal Volume (mc) 25
Loading mouth length (mm) 2000
Loading mouth width (mm) 1000
Operating voltage (V) 380
Electric engine power (Kw) 7.5


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