Trevisan S.p.A.

Ecology, Efficiency, Excellence

Trevisan S.p.A. operates in collection, transport and sorting of waste paper, urban and commercial waste.

The main activity is held in the plant located in the industrial area of Noale (VE), along the regional road 515 (S.R.), strategically placed among the provinces of Venice, Treviso and Padua.

On a daily basis the material deriving from the collection from industrial, manufacturing, commercial and service activities is delivered to our plant through our modern and efficient fleet, specifically equipped for any necessity.

The offered services may be handled directly or through the support of our qualified and specialized partners, allowing us to cover the national area.

Trevisan S.p.A. plant, authorized per ordinary procedure by the Città Metropolitana di Venezia (province of Venice), is spread over 60.000 sqm area, in which multiple sorting lines, shredding and baling systems are located, and equipped with efficient machineries allowing fast and accurate processing of the materials to reintroduce to the recycling process.


In 2008 Trevisan S.p.A. decided to certify its manufacturing processes and the offered services to grant its customers seriousness, trustworthiness and professionality.

Today Trevisan S.p.A is certified UNI EN ISO 9001, UNI EN ISO 14001 and UNI ISO 45001.

With the release of the above mentioned certificates, the certifying institution granted Trevisan S.p.A. the Certificate of Excellence.

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