Confidential data disposal service

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Confidential waste collection service

Our shredding system reduces waste paper containing confidential datas to minimal pieces, leading to an accurate and effective shredding.

Andrea Chinaglia, Manager of the Commercial and Service Department, explains what the CONFIDENTIAL DATA DISPOSAL SERVICE is and how it is carried out

With the legislative decree 196/2003, the Italian law disciplined the correct behaviours that the “owner responsible of the data security”, to which specific responsibilities are attributed, preventing the application of administrative and criminal sanctions in case of an illegal handling. It is a clear need, for the data owner, to comply with, not only a correct handling and storing of such data, but to a correct destruction, when they are not needed or they do not need to be stored anymore.

Trevisan S.p.A., according to the legislative decree 196/2003, and following EN 32757-1 and EN15713/2009, offers a service named “Confidential data disposal service” contemplating collecting, transporting and destroying of confidential documents (such as paper archives), which need to be dismissed, rendering thus the information contained on such documents not readable or comprehensible. The company provides to its customer (i.e.: credit institutions, notaries, public administrations and private companies) containers for the collection of documents containing sensitive data, which may be picked up on a regular basis or upon demand, and then safely taken to our shredding plant.

Technical features

Identification External lenght (mm) External width (mm) External height (mm) Internal volume (mc) Made of
Tray 1090 690 1550 1,17 Aluminium

Confidential data disposal service

Shredding Service


Documents incoming

The documents reach our plant and are managed with maximum secrecy.



It is possible to attend the shredding operations upon agreement. We may eventually release a statement, certifying the actual destruction of the documents.


Material Packaging

The shredded and unreadable material proceeds to paper industry to be recycled.


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