Collection service


Our company is equipped with up-to-date technological tools for the collection and the disposal of reusable dry waste (paper, glass, plastic, cans) as well as with storage facilities and treatment plants for further reuse.

Additionally, we provide various types of collection services and equipment: door-to-door services, containers, multi-material containers etc.; we also give our assistance in the management of eco-areas.

We are committed to the environment. Recycling activities have a high ecological value/importance. It is our company’s aim to keep operating in this respect.


A problem concerning all of us and the environment we live in. In order to face this emergency, materials which can be still recycled must be regained: thus, there will be a reduced quantity of refuses to be taken to the landfill site, with subsequent money saving for citizens, benefit for the environment and considerable energy and resources saving



We are active in the planning and the organization of information campaigns, including arranging for brochures, posters and meetings for promotional and educational purposes; we encourage people to feel more responsible towards the environment and cooperate actively in separate waste collection.

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