Trevisan S.p.A. - History



Active since 1974 Trevisan has been operating in the collection and sorting of waste material for recycling purposes within an area of approx. 60,000 sqm in the industrial district of Noale (Venice), along the SR 515 Padova-Treviso road.

All activities take place in a plant authorised by the Provincia di Venezia and equipped with sorting belts, shredding and packing machinery.

The collection is carried out by means of a fleet of specially equipped vehicles along with up-to-date technologies such as:

  • containers
  • press-containers
  • wire containers
  • presses
installed at the producers/suppliers’ premises for smoother recycling and optimization of transportation.

Trevisan is able to collect, sort and bring to recycling all waste from industrial, manufacturing, commercial and handicraft activities.

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