Containers, Press-containers and Stationary presses


Now exclusively to Trevisan SpA the new “TWIN PACK” press container

The “TWIN PACK” will allow you to manage two different

types of waste in one single pressing machine. This newequipment is suitable for any activity producing varied quantities of different types of waste.

Major advantages are:

  • greater recycling rates, with an ensuing reduction in the cost of treatment of mixed waste (if any) and a resulting increase in value of the waste fraction
  • considerable savings in transport costs
  • a reduced need for space (one single Press Container will receive two types of waste)
  • a reduction in the working time of the operator responsible for the management of waste
  • unchanged energy consumption compared to the standard Press-Container



The self-loading trailers are used for the collection of waste in bulk or whenever other types of equipment cannot be used.



Containers are used to store fairly considerable quantities of waste material.
They are suited for industrial, commercial and manufacturing activities.
Containers can be of various sizes and capacities: from 12 to 40 m3



Press-containers are ideally suited for the retail or industry sectors. They can be downloaded from the lorry and they are equipped with an automated press. Thanks to this feature, they allow for the loading of large volumes of material as well as for the optimization of time. They can also be placed on loading wharfs.



Stationary presses, usually manufactured following customers’ needs, are used for large quantities of material. This kind of machinery can be placed also on wharfs, for manual loading, or can be connected to a suction system for automated loading.


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