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Noale, 06 October 2021

Subject: Green Pass suppliers / visitors / transporters

The present communication stands to inform you that Trevisan S.p.A. maintains constant attention and commitment to compliance with all measures to contain and face the spread of the Covid-19 epidemic provided for by the Italian and International Authorities.

In order to guarantee the protection of its workers and visitors, as well as suppliers, as required by the Italian Decree n.127/2021, we inform you that starting from 15th  October 2021 in order to access our sites it will be mandatory to possess and exhibit upon request the COVID-19 green certification (the so-called Green Pass), or any medical exemption certification.

In addition to the usual identification data, the validity of the Green Pass will be requested and verified by our staff at the company reception desk / weighing offices.

On this occasion, please note that all other provisions already provided for access remain in force, summarized below:

  • obligation to maintain a distance of at least 1 meter from all other people;
  • obligation to use airway protection devices (masks);
  • obligation to sanitize hands and objects;
  • obligation of absence in case of flu symptoms and / or temperature at the moment of access; prohibition of access to offices and premises not intended for external personnel.

Please take note of this request, which is intended to be extended not only to your employees but also to your partners.

We thank you in advance for your cooperation and convey our Best Regards,

Thanking you for your cooperation, we send our greetings.




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