Trevisan S.p.A. of Noale (VE), one of the leading companies in waste paper treatment, is re-launching a confidential waste paper collection service.

Trevisan S.p.A., that  has long been using a dedicated line of treatment, has recently updated it with the introduction and adoption of procedures compliant with EU regulations (EN 15713:2009 and EN DIN 32757-1). In compliance with above regulations, a certificate will be issued to the producer of said waste; this certification can be exhibited in the event of inspections and can be used to apply for a reduction on waste collection taxes.

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Italian Leg. Decree 196/2003 deals with the protection and safeguarding of personal data, outlines the conduct of  the “party responsible for data security”  – a party to which specific responsibilities are assigned  — and provides for the application of administrative and criminal penalties (up to € 50,000 and two years’ imprisonment) following  the lack of compliance with basic safety measures.

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“Privacy and protection of the rights of citizens above all ” is the concern of Authorities all over Europe, and European waste paper facilities usually have a line dedicated to confidential waste paper treatment; however, though acknowledged by the Italian Government, European Regulations are still unknown to the majority of people.

In partnership with S.ECO Ltd. of Verona, the “Secret Box” service provides suitable containers for the collection of documents and / or paper containing sensitive data, takes care of  the collection and safe transportation to the treatment site, and then starts the recycling process. The “Secret Box” is especially conceived for companies and tax & legal firms, insurance companies and banks. Trevisan S.p.A. is developing a network of companies to serve large groups throughout the national territory.

Seminars on safety measures addressed to professionals,  where views on Regulations and on the best procedures to follow when treating documents containing personal information can be exchanged, will be organized in the fall so as  to promote this service and sensitize public awareness.

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