Please be informed that it has come to our attention that someone (as not yet identified) has being doing an unauthorized and improper use of our company data and business contacts (address, AQSIQ license number, etc.). This individual has been pretending to be an employee of Trevisan SpA (formerly Trevisan Srl) and has been trying to sell illegally recovered material (iron, copper and the like) on behalf of the Company.

In the cases that have been notified to us, the swindler, a self-said Trevisan SpA (formerly Trevisan Srl) employee, appears to be some Mr. Kenny Rogers; the email address used,, is not our Company’s registered official contact.

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Should you be, or have been, contacted by Kenny Rogers or other people appearing to be using our company contacts and business data in an improper way, please give us timely communication.

Our Company has already reported this illegal behavior to the competent Authorities; the latter have already given off a formal statement to assert our rights and protect the Company’s image.

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